How to Find a Music Teacher for Adults

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Learning a new instrument or musical technique is a fulfilling challenge. Besides being enjoyable in and of itself, learning to make music enhances your brain in many other ways. It boosts your creativity, relaxes your mind, and can even improve your math skills. If you have decided to embark on your own musical journey, you first need to find the right teacher for you. This may be difficult to do – while many people learn to play piano or an instrument in their school band as children, most don’t continue to play in adulthood. Without recent musical experience, it is not always easy to evaluate the quality of a music teacher. Here are some qualities to look for in a music teacher for an adult:

  1. You want a teacher who has experience teaching adults. Adults have a very different learning style from children, and a teacher who has only taught kids is likely to attempt to teach an adult with ineffective techniques.
  2. Your music teacher should offer flexible lesson lengths and times. Many people find it easier to learn with longer, less frequent lessons, so if your teacher only offers 30 minute lessons, it may not be a good fit for you.
  3. A music teacher for adults shouldn’t require recital attendance. If you are learning for your own enjoyment, but don’t want to play in front of a group, your music teacher should not insist that you participate in a studio recital with children.
  4. Someone who teaches music to adults should have a good understanding of music theory, and preferably a degree in music. Since adults are better able to understand the structure and theory of music, a significant part of any instruction for adults should be the “why” behind what they are doing.

Keep these qualities in mind when you search for a teacher for your new musical adventure. Finding the right music instructor will greatly enhance your learning experience, and make your lessons more enjoyable for both of you!

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